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Iron It! History!

This is how all began!

Iron it! Climbing! is a clothing brand born in Feb. 2012 in Fontainebleau and developed in Barcelona by two climbers. Its concept arises as a literal Spanish translation from "planchar la vía" (iron the route) which in slang is the way to say you have sent a line.

During a Rock Trip in the french boulder Mecca, we met an Irish gang. They were strong climbers and that morning they were fully committed to succeed in a hard line which had been trying in the previous days. It was their last chance, next morning a plane will be waiting to take them back home. That day the boulder seemed to be harder, the grip was not good, and the motivation was lowering down but the glory of sending the project was too close to let it go. We had to find a way to encourage those fellows to keep on pushing the hardest they could to grab the top so from the deepest part of our soul the most fanatic yell roared in the magical forest...

- Come on dudes! You gotta Iron it!

Like a sacred gobbled, the doors of Heaven had been opened and the boulder was utterly cruised... They had accomplished the goal!

Late in night, while celebrating the day, when the atmosphere got too murky and the number of beers got lost, we all realized the importance of that sentence... Its power could not be kept as a secret. For the Jesus nails we had to spread out the iron among all climbers...

May the Iron be with you!
The aim of this project is to depict the passion lived in the world of climbing.
Iron it! wants to reinforce the power of those who fight till death in the vertical battlefield.
It has born as definition of hard climbing and the worst enemy of the acid lactic. Iron it! is the perfect partner for your ultimate sendings.
In order to achieve it, we work hard developing the greatest designs and creating the coolest climbing clothing for your ultimate sendings!

Why T-shirts and Hoodies? A T-shirt or a Hoodie is more than just a product. It's the way to show...
  • - WHO you are
  • - WHERE you have been
  • - WHAT you love
That's the Iron It! Expression!
  • I Iron away my luck. The more I train the less I need it!
  • I Iron away all complaints about high balls. I'm shitting my pants but I love this fear!
  • I Iron away all "It´s too far" or "It's too small". I know I have to push harder!
  • I Iron for opening new lines. I care about next generation climbers!
  • I Iron the most of my climbing days. If there is light, there is another attempt to the project!
  • I Iron away grade slashes (7a/+). I prefer a hard 7a than a soft 7a+!
  • I Iron away tick marks after using them and brush the holds. I care about the rest of climbers!
  • I Iron all series of my training. My after-climbing-beer can wait!
  • I Iron away all my waste out of the crag. I am respectful with the nature environment!
  • I Iron in properly the crashpad while spotting, You can trust on me!
  • I Iron away all prejudices about a route. I talk after and only after I have sent it!

About Us

Fanatic climbers working for you!

Creative Director
Joxema Urrutia

Joxemari Urrutia

I was born in Barcelona in 1972. I started doing sports when I was only 8 years old but it was not until 1999 that I found rock climbing.
In 2011 I decided to focus only in bouldering. I must admit I love indoor training and of course campusing.

Even though I am not a professional designer, I became interested on the field after creating a short Flash animation serial. I gradually got into the amazing world of Adobe Illustrator!
I took part in this project together with my mate Rubén after a Rock Trip to Fontainebleau and since then we have been working hard together.
I would like to thank my project partner for trusting me completely.
Iron it! Climbing! has arrived, I hope you enjoy our work for you!

  • Fav. spots abroad: Fontainebleau (FRA)
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IT Engineer
Rubén Marín

Rubén Marín

Born in Barcelona in 1986. I started climbing when I was 15 in my home town and since then I am completely addicted. Rock climbing has become not only a sport but my 25 hours a day passion. It is my way to discover the world, meet incredible people and grow as a person.

As IT Engineer I have taken part in this project developing the on-line infrastructure and managing the sales in central Europe area. It is so motivating to be able to put knowledge and passion together in the same project in order to provide you the best product.

  • Fav. spots at home: Siurana, Rodellar, Terradets
  • Fav. spots abroad: Frankenjura (GER), Red River Gorge (USA), Rocklands (SA)
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